Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Genealogy- Back to the Beginning

I initially started my genealogy research when I was 12 years old. I was assigned a project in history class where I had to interview one of my elder relatives and see how their life was growing up compared to ours. I chose my grandfather Lymus SIMMONS, Jr.

I continued researching on and off for about 10 years and gathered quite a bit of research. Due to a very tragic accident and some unforeseen circumstances, I lost all of my research. It was very devastating to have to start all over, bur it was also a blessing. Most  of the information I had collected was not properly documented and by the time I learned how to properly cite sources, I had forgotten where I had found the information.

Now that I have no choice but to start over, I know how to properly document my sources and preserve my research for future generations.


  1. Oh - reading your post made me ill - I would not want to lose my research (sourced or unsourced). Looking forward to reading more posts.

  2. I can't even imagine losing all of my research. I did start over as you did though - after a few years of research, I took a class and started over, with sources for everything. It was a lot of work to re-do it all, but worth it in the end.

    Glad to have found your blog through Geneabloggers.


  3. @Tessa- Thanks for reading my blog. Yes it was very hard to accept that all of that research was gone, but you live and you learn.

    @Jennifer- I'm glad you found my blog as well. I think Geneabloggers is the best site I've found so far. I've been blogging for quite some time now, but I just started blogging about genealogy and family history.

    This is definitely a lot different than any other blogging that I've ever done. I don't even know what to blog about when I haven't found any new information on an ancestor. Any ideas??

  4. My great grandfather Lymus Simmons born abt 1837
    grandfather Charles Lymus Simmons born abt 1893
    Have you ever heard of them and do you have photos?

  5. @grahamsofhealing Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. My grandfather Lymus Simmons Jr. was born in 1927ish... lol. I found some information on what I believe to be his father.

    I tried to pull up your blogger profile to get your email but it says it is not public. Email me at ninipolite{at}gmail{dot}com and I can let you know what I have.


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