This page will serve as the Ahnentafel Chart for my family. For a quick summary on how the ahnentafel numbering system works, click here.

As I create posts for individuals and families on this blog, I will link to them. It will essentially serve as a table of contents for each individual. I hope that this will make it easier to find posts about specific ancestors.

For privacy reasons, any living individual will be listed as living and no information will be listed for them. If I don't know who fits in a specific slot, they will be listed as Unknown.  All women will be listed with their maiden name. If their maiden name is unknown, you will see an empty spot where their last name should be.

1. (Me) Antonisha -Charleston, South Carolina
2. (Daddy) Living - Charleston, SC
3. (Momma) Living - Charleston, SC

4. Lymus Simmons, Jr., 1926-2008, Charleston, SC
5. Julia Brown, 1926-2004, Charleston, SC
6. William Polite, 1925-1991, McKeesport, Pennsylvania
7. (Granny) Living- Edisto Island, SC

8. Lymus Simmons, Sr., 1907-1948, Charleston, SC
9. Elizabeth Mack
10. Unknown
11. Rebecca Brown, 1902-1983, Charleston, SC
12. Thomas Steplight
13. Elouise "Honey" Drayton
14. Henry Clark, Sr., ~1880-1933, Edisto Island, SC
15. Christina Bowens 1891-1935, Edisto Island, SC

16. Sam Simmons
17. Christina Russell
18. Unknown
19. Unknown
20. Unknown
21. Unknown
22. Nero Brown
23. Luey
24. Unknown
26. Unknown
27. Unknown
28. Adam Clark, 1855-??, Barbados, West Indies
29. Rose Sweetwine Bryan(t), 1859-??, Edisto Island, SC
30. Hero Bowens
31. Mary Heyward

This is a continuation of my ahnentafel chart. Please remember that you double a person's number to get his/her father and you double their number and add one (1) to get their mother. To not waste space, I will group numbers together for unknowns.

32.-57 Unknown
58. Paul Bryan(t), ~1835-??, South Carolina
59. Hannah ??, ~1832-??, South Carolina

**If you have any information to add or see anything that may be incorrect, please contact me at ninipolite [at] gmail [dot] com.

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